In the 2-year-old class, our goal is for a positive experience at school. This is a time when children often learn how to separate from their parents for the first time and bond with teachers. Children make friends and start interactive play while learning the basic Bible stories and the idea of an informally scheduled day.

  • $190.00 / week

  • $40.00 / day

Welcome to the Toddler Room! (2-year-olds)


Miss Jennifer

Miss Jennifer is a Williamsport native, but now lives in Marysville. She has worked here at Newport Assembly of God Child Care for a little over 3 years now. Jenny holds her AA in Early Childhood Education from Pennsylvania College of Technology. She has worked with children from ages one to five, but coincidently 2’s are her favorite group. Jenny loves to watch the children grow academically and in the word of God. In her spare time she loves to study the bible, knit, read, play the piano and spend time with family.

Miss Landi

Miss Landi is from Juniata County, PA. She graduated in 2016 from Juniata High School. Landi attended Mifflin County School of Technology for Early Childhood Education. There she obtained her Child Development Associate and diploma. She did two internships in Lewistown, PA. Right out of high school she started work at SUMCD in Lewistown as a sub. She worked in all age groups. Eventually she took a job as an assistant teacher in Head Start. She decided to apply for a more permanent position and ended up at Newport Assembly of God Child Care. Landi has now gone back to college to pursue her AA in Early Childhood Education.

We would like to welcome you to the Toddler Room. This room is full of energy and excitement, for 2—3 year-old children.
We are fun, loving, caring, and love to learn using our hands, eyes, and ears.

Classroom and Curriculum We use “The Creative Curriculum” that is lined up with the PA Early Learning Standards to plan learning activities. Activities will include lots of dancing to the rhythms of music, reciting finger plays and rhymes; sensory activities such as water play or finger painting with yummy pudding; imaginative play, puzzles, drawing with crayons and singing and learning Bible songs. In addition, the children will begin to gain an understanding of social interactions and expressing their own emotional needs. The children will go outside to enjoy nature and recreational activities so be sure to sent weather appropriate outerwear.

Potty & Diapers

The Toddler Room has one bathroom across in the hall where we encourage children to practice sitting on the potty once they are ready to begin their toilet training adventure. Until then, diaper changes are scheduled periodically throughout the day and as needed. If your child is in the process of potty training, we encourage families to bring in pull-ups rather than diapers so that your child can become more independent when using the potty. If your child is not yet potty trained you are responsible for bringing in the appropriate diapering needs for them.

Baskets and Communication

Each child is assigned their own basket. This is where their extra clothes, coats, hats, mittens, sunglasses, sunscreen, or any special nap blanket or stuffed animal that needs to be taken home on a daily basis will be stored. We ask that no medication be stored in these baskets due to the safety of all children. Weekly lesson plans and special photographs of classroom activities will be posted weekly. Any other communication will be attached to your child’s sign/out page. Also look for general Child Care information in our monthly news letter.

What should you bring on the first day? (All items need to be clearly labeled)
  • Diapers or pull-ups

  • Wipes

  • Lightweight blanket & small pillow will go home for laundering on Fridays and returned on Mondays

  • Extra clothing; socks, undergarments, pants, tops and shoes

  • Small beanie-baby sized snuggly for naptime (optional )

  • Family Photos for display

  • Please check your child’s cubby daily at pick-up time for soiled clothing and replenish as needed (please switch out clothing according to seasons) In winter please also bring winter coat, snow pants, hat, boots and 2 pairs of mittens.

Transitioning to K-3
  • Transition from a sippy cup to a regular cup (without a lid or straw)

  • Eating without the use of a bib at lunch time

  • Learning how to form a line and walk through hallways quietly

  • Transitioning from more of a free play environment into a more structured setting with play and learning stations

  • Potty-Trained

  • Independently using the bathroom and properly washing hands

The Toddler Room is a very special room filled with children who make every day memorable. Each child begins to build friendships with classmates and learn new skills from their ABC’s to their 123’s. Come take an adventure with us!