During your child’s year in The Dalmatians class they will become increasingly independent. They will develop a heightened sense of self awareness and empathy towards others as they develop biblical morals and social skills while learning how to function in a group. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings during the school year are dedicated to Pre-school; beginning academic knowledge, learning about feelings, socialization, and cooperative play.

    • $180.00 / week . This includes the preschool class which meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 8:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. during the school year.

    • Preschool only is $28.00 / day.

    • $38.00 / day Minimum of 2 days

Welcome to the K- 3 Classroom!

Meet the Teachers

Miss Chelsea is from right here in Newport PA. She had moved away to Fort Drum, New York for her husband’s stint in the Army. Chelsea came back to join our team of teachers, and has since worked hard on obtaining her AA in Early Childhood Education, a Director’s Credential, and now her newest endeavor is being enrolled in Eastern University to obtain her BS in Early Childhood Education. She has been in the Early Education field for over 13 years now because in high school she attended Cumberland Perry AVTS in Child Care and Guidance program. This is always the place that she felt led be in and looks forward too many more years educating young children.

Miss Michelle has resided in the Newport area for 27 years. She is married and has 3 children, two are grown and one is in high school. She has been employed in the child care field for over 30 years. She has felt the call of the child care for most of her life. She is currently enrolled in a CDA program (Child Development Associate Credential) to further her knowledge of this ever-changing child-development field and to help her better care for the children in our center. In her free time, she is either on a ballfield or in a gymnasium enjoying her youngest child’s sporting events. She looks forward to getting to know the new school years children of K-3.

As you walk into our room you will notice many different areas of interest for the children.
Our classroom is used as an opening and closing room each day so you may see other children in our room if you arrive early and or later in the day.

 The room is organized with many different areas which allow the children to explore, play, and learn. Generally most of our structured preschool activities are scheduled in the morning on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays with most of the open ended learning activities on Tuesday and Thursdays and in the afternoon. A more detailed daily routine is posted outside the classroom door.

We use The Creative Curriculum in conjunction with Teaching Strategies in our classroom. The curriculum schedule covers the developmental domains for young learners such as; literacy, math, science, creative arts, sensory, dramatic play, music/movement, social interactions, independence, and small/large motor development.

Classroom Layout

The group rug is an area used for class discussions, stories, calendar, weather, singing, dancing and group games. Our room has a book rack full of good books to read alone or with friends, that are changed very few weeks or as interest wanes to coordinate with our themes we are working with. The dramatic play area is set up for learning opportunities, it has a variety of kitchen equipment, food, dishes, dolls, dress up clothes and shoes. This area is often transformed into a hospital, veterinarian clinic or grocery store. Another area has games, puzzles, and small manipulatives and lots of other fun activities that are rotated often. We also have sensory bins that are filled with water, sand, bird seed, soil or rice. The block area is very busy place when we set it up with an assortment of blocks, cars, trucks, trains or animals. Our art experiences consist of a variety of supplies including markers, crayons, paints, scissors, glue and chalk for the blackboard.

Parent Information

Our parent information is usually attached to your child’s sign in and out page or in the quarterly newsletter. We send our lesson plans home by using the parent portal on Teaching Strategies as well as a weekly letter about the weeks learning. Sometimes photos are taken of activities and are posted outside of our classroom door.


Your children will have a basket and coat hook area that is located in the room. This is where their extra clothes, coats, hats, mittens, sunglasses, sunscreen, or any special nap blanket or stuffed animal that needs to be taken home on a daily basis will be stored. We ask that no medication be stored in these baskets due to the safety of all children.



The Seuss room has a bathroom adjacent to it. The bathroom is monitored at all times because so many children are just learning how to use the potty independently. We encourage every child to try to use the potty at each bathroom time, after each meal and before rest time. If by some chance your child is not completely potty trained you are responsible for bringing in the appropriate diapering needs for them.


Our classroom is open to communicating with families at all times, the best time to address us with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have is at drop off and pick up time or the best time to call is in the early morning between 8 am and 2 pm when the director is available to talk to you or schedule a meeting with the teacher.

Transitions to K-4

During the year the children will work on skills that they need for the K-4 room next year. These activities include but are not limited to;

  • Learn to follow a daily schedule

  • Introduction of more structured learning activities including sitting at the table for a period of time to complete an activity.

  • Improvement of fine motor skills including proper use of scissors, and holding pencils/crayons using the appropriate pincer grip

  • Learning how to stand and walk in a line transitioning from one place to another

  • Learning to use indoor and outdoor voices appropriately

  • Class is combined with older children and their teachers during specific times of the day to allow the children to become familiar with the teachers from the next classroom

We look forward to getting to know you and your child.