The children enrolled in this program are from six weeks to walking. Our program accommodates a maximum of eight infants at a time. Our infant program is structured around the individual needs of each child. We make no effort to force an infant to adapt to a center schedule. Each child’s routine is given to the teachers, and is updated by the parents as their child changes and grows. Our program encourages each child’s individual development by observing what stage they are currently at and working on a lesson plan as to what should come next according to “PA Early Learning Standards.”

  • $220.00 / week

  • $46.00 / day

Welcome to the Infant Room! (6-weeks – 15-months, depending on development)

Meet the Teachers

Miss Jeannie

Jeannie has been involved with children most of her life. Teaching Sunday school and doing nursery duty at her church, Blessed Hope Bible Church, in Liverpool. Jeannie has been a hair stylist and worked six years at Susquenita school district with 5th grade students with learning disabilities and worked at Newport Assembly classrooms and kitchen in the summers. Since 2009, when the infant room opened, she has been enjoying all the 70 plus babies that have attended here. Originally from Blair county, Jeannie married her husband Allen and moved to Newport in 1984. In her free time, she loves to read, walk, and travel. She also enjoys animals.

Miss Landi

Miss Landi is from Juniata County, PA. She graduated in 2016 from Juniata High School. Landi attended Mifflin County School of Technology for Early Childhood Education. There she obtained her Child Development Associate and diploma. She did two internships in Lewistown, PA. Right out of high school she started work at SUMCD in Lewistown as a sub. She worked in all age groups. Eventually she took a job as an assistant teacher in Head Start. She decided to apply for a more permanent position and ended up at Newport Assembly of God Child Care. Landi has now gone back to college to pursue her AA in Early Childhood Education.

Just Getting Started…..The transition to child care can be hard on some children and parents! Feel free to stop in and talk with us before your child starts.
Mid mornings and afternoons after 2:00 are typically good times to stop in.

On those days when you miss your little guy/girl and wish your little one was right there next to you, give us a call!
We’ll be happy to tell you how his/her day is going! If you would like to see pictures sent to your phone, let us know!

What should you bring on your first day?

  • Diapers and Wipes labeled with child’s name

  • Diaper rash cream labeled with child’s name

  • The two crib sheets you paid for and washed (Goes home every Friday to be washed, don’t forget to bring it back on Monday!)

  • Extra clothes: three changes of clothes, socks, shoes and outer wear for daily walks

  • Pacifier (1)- labeled or marked with your child’s initials

  • Food that is clearly labeled with child’s name and dated

  • Enough prepared bottles for the day

What is my child's routine?

Infants typically set their own routine. They tell us when they’re hungry or sleepy. In fact, you probably have it down to a science! That’s why we ask you for all that good information! How much do they eat? How often? What are their naps like?

However, there are some routines in our room that are a constant, for example ….
  • We typically go for a morning walk every day, weather permitting.

  • Every child gets to sleep in his/her own crib. If they fall asleep in our arms or a swing, they will be lovingly transferred soon after to their own crib.

  • Diapers are checked and/or changed every two hours. Of course, if we start to smell something, or we simply feel the diaper is soggy, the child would be changed immediately.

  • Our older children who are ready to eat table food are served a lunch around 10:30 – 10:45, with snacks (which are provided by the parents) around 2 and 5pm.

  • We have a quiet time with dim lighting from approximately 12:00-2:00pm (great opportunity for napping)

How will I know what my child did during the day?

We record daily, all diaper changes, meals, naps and activities on a sheet that will go home with you when you arrive for pick-up!

Our Mission

We try to create a very “at home” atmosphere. We strive to make each and every child feel loved and nurtured. Each child will know that they are an important part of our group!

We give each child individual attention. Whenever we have a free minute we talk with the children one-on-one, play hand games and make funny faces. We also give lots of positive attention when we are changing diapers and bottle feeding.

We also teach children how to play independently. Every child has free time to choose what they want to play with, move around, and mingle with their classmates.

Our curriculum used center wide is “The Creative Curriculum. We incorporate Baby Sign Language into our daily routines. We use “more” and “please” often when we are at the table. If you would like us to show you some “signs,” just let us know because we’d love to teach you too!

We provide a lesson plan for parents to read so you have an idea of what is going on during the week. Each week we focus on the fundamental developmental areas such as language, motor skills, and sensory, just to name a few.

Toddler Record Keeping


As your child develops we will aid you in getting your child ready to move on to the Waddler class. This move happens somewhere around 15 months (earlier or later depending on your child’s individual development). As your child shows signs of readiness we will;

  • Introduce a sippy cup, eventually replacing a bottle

  • Start feeding soft finger foods, eventually learning to sit and self-feed

  • Sleep on a cot instead of a crib in our room

  • Progress to an afternoon nap only, the Waddler room children nap 12:00-2:00

  • Spend time playing in Waddler room with the eventual goal of permanent transition